Board-certified genealogist Judy G. Russell of New Jersey added the CGL℠ credential on 18 March 2013.

Judy’s background includes work as a newspaper reporter, defense attorney, federal prosecutor, and legal editor. In addition to genealogy, Judy still works full-time as a law editor and teaches part-time on the adjunct faculty at Rutgers Law Schools. In the world of genealogy, Judy is best known as The Legal Genealogist. Her blog at is designed “to help folks understand the often arcane and even impenetrable legal concepts and terminology that are so very important to those of us studying family history.”[1]

Popular topics in her blog include a series on the Terms of Service for several online research sites, and information explaining copyright issues as they apply to genealogy. She lectures regularly, both at conferences and online.[2] The CGLSM designation was a natural next step for her.



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