Board-certified genealogists (“associates”) know the records in their areas of expertise and demonstrate skill in using them. They are well grounded in the laws, customs, and terminology of the relevant time and place. They are able to research thoroughly, cite properly, analyze and correlate evidence efficiently, deal with conflicting evidence, and write a clear and convincing conclusion. These skills are enhanced by continued professional learning to keep up with new techniques and resources. Associates subscribe to a rigorous code of ethics backed by BCG’s mediation and arbitration services.

Associates’ research specialties and services can be located in the directory. Associates can also be searched by surname, credentials, residence, geographic areas of research, and languages.

Many genealogists work with clients on family research projects. Consider hiring a board-certified genealogist for expert help with your genealogy questions. A BCG associate can help

  • when you don’t know where to start;
  • when distance or personal life limits access to needed records;
  • when a “brick wall” problem seems insurmountable;
  • when language or old handwriting presents barriers;
  • when assistance is needed to plan research or organize existing materials;
  • when unknown parentage, such as in the case of an adoption, is an issue, or
  • when the benefit of an arbitration service is desired.

Use the directory to identify associates who accept clients and whose specialties may correspond with project needs. Associate specialties include use of DNA evidence, forensics, research on Native Americans, government projects, applications for lineage society membership, applications for dual citizenship, editing and indexing, lectures and workshops, and writing and adding historical context to a project.

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