The words Certified Genealogist and its acronym, CG, are registered certification marks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and the designations Certified Genealogical Lecturer, its acronym, CGL, Certified Genetic Genealogist, and its acronym, CGG, are service marks of BCG, used under license by certificants after periodic competency evaluations (and only during the current five-year period for which they are certified).

BCG has an affirmative obligation to make sure that its marks are used properly, to ensure the legal protection of its rights.

The Board’s Intellectual Property Committee monitors potential infringements of the Board’s registered certification marks (such as improper use of the term “certified genealogist” in a descriptive or generic way), as well as its service marks. It is essential that BCG associates and others use our marks (trademarks and service marks) properly.

Any concerns or questions about an incorrect use should be directed to the