BCG has awarded Emeritus status to the following individuals who retired after a long and distinguished career with the Board. Those indicated with an asterisk are deceased. Contact information for those holding Emeritus status who have consented to their information being listed can be located in the directory.

Gale Williams Bamman
Mary McCampbell Bell
Bettie Cummings Cook
Joan Ferris Curran*
Donn Devine*
John Frederick Dorman*
Margaret Hickerson Emery*
Carmen J. Finley
Linda Woodward Geiger
Jeanne Hand Henry
Ronald Ames Hill
Helen F. M. Leary
Virginia Pope Livingston*
Dorothy M. Lower*
Barbara Mathews
Lynn C. McMillion
Marie Varrelman Melchiori
Brenda Dougall Merriman
Joy Reisinger*
Christine Rose
Milton Rubincam*
Pamela Boyer Sayre
Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.*
Grahame Thomas Smallwood, Jr.*
Harriet Stryker-Rodda*
Neil D. Thompson*
Nora Miller Turman*
Miriam Weiner
Elizabeth Pearson White*

* Deceased