Retired status is held by individuals who retired from research for clients and from the profession of genealogy for more than incidental monetary gain after holding a BCG credential for twenty years or more. Contact information for those holding retired status who have consented to their information being listed can be located in the directory.

Karen Ladd Acker, 2017
Susan Bingler, 2017
Bette Innes Bradway, 2009
Curtis G. Brasfield, 2010
William H. Brown, Jr., 2017
Brigitte Burkett, 2017
Sandra MacLean Clunies, 2018
H. Clark Dean, 2016
Shirley M. De Boer, 2016
Katherine E. Flynn, Ph.D., 2017
Linnea B. Foster, 2018
Irene M. Griffey, 2010
Patricia Liddle Haslam, 2008
Helen Hinchliff, Ph.D., 2018
Kay Germain Ingalls, 2017
Everett B. Ireland, 2014
Brenda Joyce Jerome, 2017
Roberta M. Kincaid, 2016
Faye Miller Mitchell, 2015
Will H. (Bill) Utterback, Jr., 2018