Certification offers many benefits:

For the Genealogist

Certification is a symbol of pride in work done well, personal or professional. As in all fields, practitioners are judged by their skills, knowledge, and ethics. Genealogy is no different.

For the Consumer

Certification offers reassurance and protection, through an arbitration service should difficulties arise, as they seek professional help in a field that is still, for the most part, free of governmental regulation.

For the Genealogy Discipline

Certification attests that genealogy, correctly practiced, is a valuable discipline that demands a sound grounding in the social sciences, expert knowledge of historical resources, and highly technical research skills.

Everyone has his or her own reasons for certification. Hear why some BCG associates became certified.

“I knew lots of people who could tell me how great I was doing and very few people who could tell me the truth about how I was doing.”
– Harold Henderson, CG

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> On being denied (2 minutes)

“I wanted to make sure that my work for my family history was the best it could be.”
– Linda Woodward Geiger, CG Emeritus

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“That has been one of the most important criteria in my professional career.”
– Kathleen Hinkley, CG

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“Being certified has given me entre to a community of professionals that I greatly admire.”
– J. H. “Jay” Fonkert, CG

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“In my mind there has always been a connection between librarianship and certification.”
– Beth Stahr, MLS, CG

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“I actually applied for certification twice and I had different motivations each time I applied.”
– Michael Hait, CG

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> On being denied (3 minutes)


The following documents can be downloaded from the PDF Library:

  • BCG Certification: Who? What? Why? How? (PDF)
  • BCG Application Tips Q&A (PDF)
  • BCG Educational Preparation for Certification (PDF)
  • BCG Why Hire a Certified Genealogist? (PDF)