Arbitration, Discipline, and Dispute Resolution

Arbitration, Discipline, and Dispute Resolution2018-03-30T15:42:19+00:00

BCG’s bylaws provide for a system of arbitration, discipline and dispute resolution in order to enhance public confidence in the work of Board-certified genealogists.

BCG’s bylaws provide that each certified associate be subject to discipline for conduct in violation of the Genealogist’s Code. [Bylaws: Article 9, Sections 1-5.]

BCG will provide its arbitration service as an expeditious and low-cost alternative to litigation, to resolve disputes between its certified associates and any members of the public who agree to accept its determination as a final and binding resolution of the matters in dispute, and consent to enforcement of the board’s determination by appropriate legal process in any tribunal having jurisdiction over the person or property of the parties.

When a dispute complaint against a certified associate is resolved during mediation, thereby avoiding the adjudication process outlined in the bylaws, copies of the following documents will be placed in the certified associate’s permanent file:

– the original letter of complaint;
– the final letter from BCG to the complainant and the certified associate confirming that a settlement was reached during mediation.



The certified person shall have the right to appeal to the full board in writing within thirty (30) days after receipt of the executive committee’s determination.

The BCG trustees, when deciding appeals from executive committee decisions on complaints or disciplinary actions, shall consider only evidence and complaint-related records previously available to the executive committee, unless clearly relevant evidence was withheld from the executive committee by an interested party. The decision of the board shall be by two-thirds affirmative vote and shall be final and binding, and shall be made available to the certified person in writing with reasonable promptness and included in the certified person’s permanent file.