SpringBoard, an official blogger for the 2015 NGS Family History Conference, is pleased to offer a review of this skillbuilding lecture, presented Thursday, 14 May 2015:

T-201: Rev. Dr. David McDonald, CG, “Transcription, Abstraction, & the Records,” reviewed by Cari A. Taplin, CG

Rev. Dr. David McDonald, CG

One of the cornerstones of the BCG application process is commonly known as the “document work,” which entails transcribing, abstracting, and analyzing an original document. A lecture on such a topic could be a boring endeavor instructing students on the rules and directives of completing the task. However, Dave’s lecture style is far from boring, and the topic is presented as an interactive session, full of audience participation, questions, and plenty of humor.

Dave walks the audience through a thorough analysis of an original document demonstrating a wide range of considerations genealogists must examine. These include ink blots, dots, checkmarks, double underlines, various paper and pen types, and even occasionally cat paw prints! From transcription and abstraction, to analysis and research planning, the entire process is demonstrated, dispelling some of its mystery.

This excellent lecture, presented as part of the BCG Skillbuilding Track, is beneficial for all genealogists. The skillful presentation is especially helpful for those pursuing certification.

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