OnBoard Back-Issue—Volume 7:1-3, 2001

OnBoard Back-Issue—Volume 7:1-3, 2001


Volume 7:1-3, 2001 issues of OnBoard, The Newsletter of the Board for Certification of Genealogists

Volume 7:1—January 2001
– “Historical Background” Versus “Context”
– Board news and notes
– Skillbuilding: Preparing Research Reports (Accurately and Clearly)
– Sounding Board: More on renewal requirements
– Introspect: BCG History
– Spotlight: Ronald Hill, CG

Volume 7:2—May 2001
– Things for Genealogists to Avoid
– Application strategies: Q&A
– Board news and notes
– Skillbuilding: Standards for Genealogical Instructors
– Online: Internet Search for an Old Prussian Law
– Spotlight: Willis H. White, CG

Volume 7:3—September 2001
– Education … Certification
– BCG Operating Budget for FY 2001-02
– Introspect: BCG Education Fund
– Skillbuilding: Using the Compilations of Others
– Application strategies: Rumors Heard at a Recent Conference
– Board news and notes
– Spotlight: Carol Dye Ekdahl, CGRS

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