Utterback, Aleta, CG®

Mailing Address
Ketchikan, Alaska
Bachelor of Science – Legal Studies, CP® - Certified Paralegal
Geographic Specialties
Pacific Northwest including Alaska and British Columbia, Canada; North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Missouri, Eastern Tennessee, California
Research Specialties
19th century, 20th century, 21st century, Court Records, Kinship Determination, Norwegian Immigrants, Indigenous Alaskans, Methodology, Evidence Analysis, Genetic Genealogy
Client Research, Research Guidance, Lineage Society Applications, Family Histories, Digital and Handwritten Family Trees
Accepts Clients
Certified Genealogist® – CG®
Cert. No.
Cert. Date
28 May 2024
Note: Contact information for emeritus and retired associates is provided as a courtesy; these individuals have retired from research for clients. For currently-active associates, the Certification Date is that of initial certification; associates are retested every five years. Because all research credentials were consolidated to reflect the CG credential in 2005, any prior certification categories are also noted.