“Why become certified?” is a question every person who has learned about BCG has asked. To help answer this, several Board-certified genealogists were asked at the 2012 FGS conference in Birmingham, Alabama, to record an audio clip on how they came to certification. The comments are unscripted and spontaneous–and totally inspiring. In the over dozen statements you will probably find a reason or approach that resonates with your own.

You can listen to the first three testimonial audio clips at https://www.bcgcertification.org/certification/why.html.

Dave McDonald, CG, states, “I first earned certification . . . because I had spent time around colleagues who had been certified and whose work I wanted to emulate.”

Beth Stahr, CG, observes, “In my mind there has always been a connection between librarianship and certification.”

Michael Hait, CG, advises, “I actually applied for certification twice and I had different motivations each time I applied.”

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