Ethics and Standards

Both professional genealogists and casual family researchers need genealogy standards in order to get their genealogy right. Without standards, inaccuracies and myths can be created and perpetuated. Many of these errors can be avoided by working to genealogy standards. Genealogy standards have evolved over many years. Family historians originally tapped into the legal field and applied its preponderance of evidence principle to their work. Subsequently, genealogists recognized this approach was not the best fit for family history as an accumulation of evidence is not always sufficient for proof. From 1997 to 2000, BCG analyzed, defined, and combined the best genealogy practices and created the Genealogical Proof Standard. In 2000, BCG published The BCG Genealogical Standards Manual.[1] After further refinement, BCG published Genealogy Standards in 2014.[2] For a deeper understanding of … Continue reading Ethics and Standards