The Board for Certification of Genealogists Facebook Group recently added its 1000th member! Friends include more than 1000 individuals who are board-certified genealogists or who are pursuing or interested in the process of certification. We think it’s wonderful that so many genealogists would strive to have their work—whether for pay, pro bono, or for themselves—meet the standards of our field.

The Facebook group was recently reorganized to be a more active site. Its purpose is to be a platform where BCG associates and those who are interested in or considering the process of certification can interact, ask questions, and share news pertinent to the organization and the field. BCG’s blog, SpringBoard, has a place for comments, but BCG wanted to provide an additional forum with even more give-and-take. While those “on-the-clock” have the ACTION email list, there was no place for interaction between BCG associates and interested individuals who have not yet submitted their preliminary applications. The Facebook group is now that place.

Because it is an informal forum, comments by associates and non-associates on BCG’s Facebook page do not necessarily reflect the official views of the Board for Certification of Genealogists. If you are not yet a member of BCG’s Facebook group, you can ask to be added here.

by Dawne L. Slater, CG, BCG Facebook Group Administrator

CG or Certified Genealogist is a service mark of the Board for Certification of Genealogists®, used under license by board-certified genealogists after periodic competency evaluation.