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Certification Fees

The Board for Certification of Genealogists is an independent certifying body. It is not associated with any other organization, nor does it receive funding from any other organization. While fees are kept as low as possible, they must cover such general costs as materials, processing, postage, printing, and website maintenance.

Preliminary Application Fee: $75.

Final Application Fee: $300.

Renewal Application Fee, every 5 years: $300.

Annual Maintenance Fee (includes OnBoard, the BCG newsletter): $75.

The fee for a one-year extension of the deadline of a preliminary application is $75. Applicants may request as many extensions as they wish, one year at a time. At each extension, the Application Guide and final application fee in effect at that time must be used.

Postage Surcharge: Portfolios over two pounds will be assessed a $60 postage surcharge. Portfolios over three pounds will not be accepted.








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