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Emeritus and Retired BCG Associates

Emeritus and Retired status no longer undergo renewal testing but are included in recognition of their past certification.

BCG Emeritus Associates

It is the policy of BCG to offer Emeritus status to a certified person who has had a long and distinguished career with BCG who is retired or semi-retired, to be determined on a case-by-case basis by vote of the trustees. Those indicated with an asterisk are deceased.

The following individuals have been awarded BCG Emeritus status:
Gale Williams Bamman
Mary McCampbell Bell
Bettie Cummings Cook
Joan Ferris Curran*
John Frederick Dorman
Margaret Hickerson Emery*
Linda Woodward Geiger
Jeanne Hand Henry
Ronald Ames Hill
Helen F. M. Leary
Virginia Pope Livingston*
Dorothy M. Lower*
Lynn C. McMillion
Marie Varrelman Melchiori
Joy Reisinger*
Christine Rose
Milton Rubincam*
Walter Lee Sheppard, Jr.*
Grahame Thomas Smallwood, Jr.*
Harriet Stryker-Rodda*
Neil D. Thompson
Nora Miller Turman*
Miriam Weiner
Elizabeth Pearson White*

BCG Retired Associates

It is the policy of BCG to offer Retired status to an associate who has been Board-certified for more than twenty years and who is retired from the active practice of professional genealogy for monetary gain.

Karen Ladd Acker, retired 2017
Bette Innes Bradway, retired 2009
Curtis G. Brasfield, retired 2010
William M. Brown, Jr, retired 2017
H. Clark Dean, retired 2016
Shirley M. De Boer, retired 2016
Irene M. Griffey, retired 2010
Patricia Liddle Haslam, retired 2008
Everett B. Ireland, retired 2014
Brenda Joyce Jerome, retired 2017
Roberta M. Kincaid, retired 2016
Faye Miller Mitchell, retired 2015
Suzanne Prosnier, retired 2014


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